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icon issues between splashid versions/platforms

Robert Neece Jun 30, 2014 02:15PM PDT

I use SplashID on a keysafe, windows PC, two Macs, and an iPhone. I keep them synchronized via wifi and by passing vid files. Recently, on one of my Macs where the "master" database resides (let's just call it the master), I changed some icons because I was tired of the black & white ones that showed up after one update. The icon changes seemed to propagate just fine to all the other platforms, except the keysafe and a description is below. No personal or special icons were created or used. Only one icon is used within a type group.

Running from the keysafe, types with new icons generally appeared as blank entries, and the data was not accessible. Only two types had icons that worked, and those appeared in their normal positions in the type list, with blank lines filling in the space above, between, and below them. The records in the invisible types would not display in the list, when the type was selected. The data was actually there, so an invisible record could be selected and edited. The icon would appear blank for that record, so the same icon as was used for the type was selected. After saving, the record would now appear in the list. Similarly, the type could be edited, a blank icon would appear, and after selecting the same icon, the type would appear in the type list. Generally, the type icon could be set and then the records would appear with that icon. Although this seemed to be a way out of this difficulty, the problem seemed to return after the next "sync" using a vid file and the restore command.

After the problem returned, I got interested in the cause. Since there are many fewer icons for the keysafe version, all icons were selected for types from the smaller group supplied on the keysafe. Alas, the problem persisted. In the latest attempt to make the problem go away, surprisingly, the type's icon would not be assigned to all the records in the type, when I tried to edit the icons on the keysafe to make the records visible. Rather than change every single record's icon (about 550 records!), a backup vid file from a Mac was used for the restore operation. After that, the types could be edited and the icon information was applied to all the records - thank God. I don't know what the difference was between the two "sync" operations.

Perversely, I repeated the restore operation just now and, sure enough, all but two of the type's icons disappeared and nearly all my records are invisible again.

Here are some of ideas:

Version incompatibility? -- the keysafe is running 6.2, and the Macs are running 7.2.2 build 780W
Mac OS's are 10.9.3 and 10.9.4

Need to import a full set of icons to the keysafe (how? where do they go?)

Data corruption? -- recently had to "repair" the keysafe from the Mac and reinstall version 6.2. Maybe I just need a new keysafe? If so, it didn't last very long.

Reverse "sync"? -- fix the icons on the keysafe again and try sending a backup vid file to the Macs instead


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Justin Cepelak Jun 30, 2014 02:26PM PDT SplashData Inc Representative

Hi Robert

Thanks for contacting us. The version 7 update for Key Safe is nearly ready for consumption, and will include the update icons. That’s what you need, and we’ll make it available shortly.

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Ram Jun 29, 2015 03:29PM PDT SplashData Inc Representative

I apologize for this delay and suggest you purchase the new version of SplashID Key Safe.

With the latest version of SplashID Key Safe, the application software is signed and flashed directly onto the key as part of the manufacturing process, so it is unfortunately not possible at this time to download and upgrade an existing SplashID v6.2 Key Safe to version 8.

What we can offer you is a special 50% discount on purchase of a new SplashID Key Safe — please use coupon code UPGRADE when checking out from:


Note that the new SplashID Key Safe includes a one year SplashID Pro license. If you already have a Pro subscription, this purchase will add time to your existing subscription.

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