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Local-Only option

Steve Sowle Apr 10, 2014 10:45AM PDT

If I want to declare "local only" for a record, and do that on my Droid, then in order to have that same record on my laptop version, I must also add the record and to my laptop version and declare it to be "local only" - is that correct?

There are times when I want to be able to access the password contained in that record with my Droid and other times that I want to be able to access the password for that record from my laptop.



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Justin Cepelak Apr 10, 2014 01:13PM PDT SplashData Inc Representative

That’s exactly right. With the release of SplashID Safe version 7.2, Cloud Services users can now designate any record in SplashID Safe as Local Only. This means the record stays local on the device selected and does not sync to the cloud server. If the selected record is already on the web app or on any other devices running SplashID Safe, it will get deleted from those apps. At any point, you can undo the Local Only setting, and the record will sync back to the cloud server and appear on all your devices.

Generally, if you want a record to be on your desktop and on your phone, you should not mark it as local only, so it will sync. But if for some reason you do want to keep it out of the cloud, but still want it in both databases, you should first duplicate the record on either the SplashID Desktop or mobile app, save it, then mark one copy as local on the desktop app, and mark the other copy as local on the mobile app.

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Mike K Apr 30, 2014 09:33AM PDT
My wife and I are currently using Splash ID Safe Cloud and we each have separate accounts. We do this because some of our work credentials must not be shared. However, we really want to sync household account information. Are there any options for "family sharing" (two users) where some records can be private, but still sync'd to the cloud other than:
1) Purchasing the team edition which seems VERY expensive ($120/yr)
2) Sharing a personal account and marking some records as local (which would not give us cloud backup of those records.

It would be nice to have an economical solution for this situation. If this functionality is not available, is anything planned?
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Justin Cepelak Apr 30, 2014 09:37AM PDT SplashData Inc Representative

Hi Mike,

Thanks for contacting us. This is a great question.

We developed the teams edition with larger teams in mind, but it certainly could be used by a couple to share data while maintaining some private data. As you said, it’s an expensive option, because it’s business-oriented.

I would recommend instead using the Share Securely feature whenever you need to share a record with your wife. This will allow records to easily be transferred back and forth between users of the Personal Edition. Please note that any updates will have to be shared again, as the actual records are not synchronized after sharing.

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pico Jun 05, 2014 12:13AM PDT
I just imported my data on my laptop which was set to the 'no sync' option, changed my account to use cloud services, then launched SplashID on my Mac and let it sync. It was crashing on the Mac when I tried to import the same data set, but Windows had no trouble importing. However, in List view (Mac), 'All Categories' says 3087 but 'All Types' only says 3075. The laptop (Windows) says 3087 for both: All Categories and All Types.

Which number is correct? I recall setting some of my recs as 'Local Only.' Is there a filter for this and could this be the reason for the discrepancy? Seems like a bug if 'Local Only' recs are not supposed to sync but All Categories still accounts for them.
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Justin Cepelak Jun 05, 2014 12:14AM PDT SplashData Inc Representative

Thanks for contacting us. If you set about a dozen local only records, that would explain it. I’m not aware of any counter issue in this respect, but perhaps you discovered something. Let me know if that number checks out.

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pico Jun 05, 2014 02:54PM PDT
I sync'd to a different Windows PC and the totals match: All Categories and All Types both say 3087. Apparently this is a Mac-only anomaly (7.2 build 775).

I reset the Mac by logging out, restarting and resync'ing but still same results: All Categories = 3087, All Types = 3075.

I switched to Panel View and the All Types folder in the first panel correctly shows 3087. Seems like a bug specific to the List view.

My other question was how can I tell which items are marked 'Local Only?' There is no filter/category and an export to CSV does not include this field. There is no way to export items marked 'Local Only' which would also be a great option. Based on the results with a different Windows PC, all items are sync'ing with none marked 'Local Only.'
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Justin Cepelak Jun 05, 2014 03:01PM PDT SplashData Inc Representative

There currently isn’t any indicator of Local Only on Mac, but we will be adding that when we create version 8.

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Ram May 25, 2019 04:52PM PDT SplashData Inc Representative


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