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Need an answer re: moving SplashShopper 3 data to SplashShopper 4

April Rooker Dec 07, 2014 09:43AM PST


First off, let me apologize in advance for sounding really, really pissed. I do computer tech support for a living, so I don't mean to be hard on you.

But I really find my situation inexcusable.

I have been using SplashShopper since the Palm OS versions. I have *never* been able to get SplashDesktop working properly, until now. I am running Windows 7 64 with all updates. This means that I have never been able to export my SplashShopper data (*heavily* customized lists) from the iPhone app.

I am one of the (hundreds? thousands?) of SplashShopper users who cannot get SplashShopper 3.2 to open on my phone. So I have not been able to access my data since August.

I started a support question (that I can no longer find) asking how I can export the data from SplashShopper 3 *without* using the desktop app because it has never worked, until I installed it today. Before today, it could never find my computer to sync. If someone replied to my question, I never saw the response.

Today, I got an email saying "half-price for SplashShopper 4". I *purchased* it, and installed it on my phone. I also re-purchased and re-installed SplashShopper Desktop, which can *finally* see my computer. Yes, SplashShopper 4 opens on my phone. Yes, SplashShopper Desktop finally sees my computer.

But I'm angry that I haven't had my data for months. And angry that I'm having to *buy* a new version of the software that *actually works* to try to resolve my problems.

But I am LIVID that none of my old, customized information is in SplashShopper 4. And it's not in SplashShopper desktop. And SplashShopper 3.2 will *not* open. So I am exactly where I was.... I don't have the customized data that I have built up over years even though I have put in countless hours and *bought* new versions of the software to FIX THIS PROBLEM.

PLEASE TELL ME how to export my data from SplashShopper 3.2. I am a *very* proficient computer and iPhone user, and am happy to mess directly with the files on my iPhone if that's what's required.

PLEASE respond to my question and PLEASE help me with an answer.

Many thanks,


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Justin Cepelak Dec 08, 2014 09:43AM PST SplashData Inc Representative

Hi April,

I’m sorry you have had this trouble with SplashShopper. If you had contacted us for support, we would have given you a free download of SplashShopper 4 for iOS weeks ago. But that wouldn’t solve the problem you are having with version 3.2, because we never could reproduce that problem and therefore we couldn’t fix it. We tried for about 5 weeks before giving up and deciding to make the app a new SKU so it wouldn’t cause any other upgraders such problems.

I will refund your SplashShopper desktop purchase, but I need to know what email or full name you purchased under.

The only possible solution I can think of is to reinstall version 3.1 on your iPhone, since that version didn’t crash and could read the database that is stuck in 3.2 limbo. To do this, you would need to first backup your iPhone to iTunes, delete the 3.2 app from your iTunes library, replace it with version 3.1, then restore the iPhone from the backup. Hopefully that will restore version 3.1 to the phone and the version 3.1 database as well.

Then you can sync that with SplashShopper desktop, then set sync to desktop overwrites handheld and sync it back to version 4 on the iPhone.

For what it’s worth, we didn’t update SplashShopper desktop for Windows for the past couple years, so the fact that your iOS app can now “see” the SplashShopper desktop is coincidental – not due to any fix. Something must have changed on your system or your network to cause this resolution.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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