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password mismatch

Jan Apr 20, 2015 01:25PM PDT

Use desktop win7
iOS 8.3 SplashID Ver 8.0.6

Hi support team,

since update to V8 I cannot sync local. I always get a failure message of password mismatch. Can you help


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Justin Cepelak Apr 20, 2015 02:30PM PDT SplashData Inc Representative

Thanks for contacting us. We haven’t changed anything with WiFi sync in version 8.

Here are some possible reasons for WiFi sync not working:

1. The SplashID email address does not match on the handheld client and the desktop client. Make sure it is exactly the same.

2. The master passwords do not match. Make sure they are exactly the same (capitalization included).

3. The SplashID desktop app is not running or it is in a locked state. Login to the SplashID desktop app on Windows or Mac.

4. The SplashID desktop app is not allowed through your firewall software. Make sure it is allowed. Or, temporarily disable any firewall and antivirus software completely (including any built-in ones for your OS or hardware) and see if WiFi sync works fine then.

5. The desktop computer and mobile device are not on the same WiFi network. Make sure WiFi is turned on on both devices AND they are connected to the same network. If your WiFi router has both a Guest and a named network, please make sure the mobile device is connected to the named network. (Note: The computer can be connected to the network/router via a LAN wire instead of WiFi, that works too.)

6. There is a VPN, virtual machine, or other network interface active on your computer. This can cause the SplashID desktop app to latch onto the wrong network interface. Please disable any other interfaces besides the WiFi network or the Ethernet if that is what the desktop computer is connecting to. For example, disable Bluetooth/etc.

Please try exiting both apps, and restarting your computer and your mobile device to see if that clears it up.

Please also try power-cycling your WiFi router/modem – disconnect from AC power for 10-15 seconds.

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Thiers Halliwell Apr 24, 2015 02:05PM PDT
I have the same problem , and using same set-up. Above suggestions haven't helped. Problem occurred after manually removing duplicates from desktop app, then attempting to sync corrected files to iPhone app. Sync failed because of password mismatch. Closed desktop app, rebooted PC and phone, before re-trying synch. Now unable to access desktop app because password not accepted.

Please advise how to access desktop app and fix password.
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Justin Cepelak Apr 24, 2015 02:05PM PDT SplashData Inc Representative

Thanks for contacting us.

Here are instructions (don’t worry about the length here, it’s actually straightforward following each step).

First locate and rename the SplashID data folder:

1) Open File Explorer
2) browse to Documents\SplashData\
3) you may find both a “SplashID” and a “SplashID.8” folder
4) click each folder name to make it editable, and add .old to the end, so it’s “SplashID.old”, and “SplashID.8.old”, respectively.

Now make sure you update to the latest version of the SplashID for Windows app here:


Launch SplashID for Windows again, and go through the guided setup.

Now to get your records back:

- If you are using Cloud Sync, records will download automatically. If you want to use different records, you can choose a different backup from your SplashID Backup folders in the main menu.

- If you are using WiFi Sync and have good records on the SplashID for Android app, use the Backup command found in Settings on the Android app. Then do a WiFi sync with SplashID for Windows (you may wish to set the sync setting to “Handheld overwrites desktop” first).

- If you are using WiFi Sync have good data on the iPhone / iPad app, use the Send Records command in the Settings screen to send yourself all records as a vID file via email. Then do a WiFi sync with SplashID for Windows (you may wish to set the sync setting to “Handheld overwrites desktop” first).

- If you need to restore a backup vID file, you just find the backup file you want to import and double-click it. You will need to enter the password that was set at the time the backup file was exported.

Auto-backup files are saved here:


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Jan Apr 25, 2015 12:17PM PDT
New installation has fixed the issue.
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christopher hill May 27, 2015 07:13PM PDT
if I backed up my IPhone 6 on my Itunes account on May 14 can I go back and get the SplashID APP with the password from that date? I cannot figure out how a new password can be asked for on the IPhone 6 even though there was just a software update?
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Justin Cepelak May 27, 2015 07:14PM PDT SplashData Inc Representative

Hi Christopher,

If you are using SplashID 8, the password is global, so restoring a backup will revert to the old password locally, but after you login it will want you to enter the new password that it gets from the server.

What I would try first is simply entering the same old password in the field requesting the new password and see if that clears it up.

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