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PROBLEM: On iPhone/iPod touch/iPad with iOS 13/13.1 on it, I am not seeing some of the SplashID Safe latest iOS app version buttons, such as Save button while editing records or changing a record's icon, Hint button in Login screen, Sign In button in 2-factor code entering screen, Done button in WiFi Sync manual IP address entry screen among others - all located in TOP right. Is this a known issue, is there a workaround? When will the issue with missing buttons be fixed, please?

ANSWER: This is a known issue with our latest SplashID Safe 8.2.4 iOS app released in Aug 2019, when being ran on iOS devices with the newly released iOS 13/13.1 on them. We will be fixing this soon and apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please note older iOS versions such as iOS 9.0 up to 12.x are not affected and on those all buttons will show/appear fine.
For now, please note there is a simple workaround - all these buttons located in TOP right such as Save button while editing records, Hint button, Sign In button, Done button/etc are all still there and tappable, they are just not visible. So, please tap the button location a bit below the battery indicator to trigger the respective action. Please see screenshots below:

IF you have any questions about the above, and/or have other questions or issues with SplashID Safe iOS app or other apps not covered above, please contact us by submitting a support case HERE or emailing us to one of our contact email addresses HERE and we will assist you as soon as possible.

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