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When a user is not able to access any of his SplashID accounts and is only able to sign in on SplashID iOS in Airplane mode.
This could have been caused due to a password change that failed or due to undetected issues.


Export records to a vID file on your desktop

1. First export all the records to a file
. In SplashID go to the settings screen by tapping on
Settings -> Export SplashID vID to iTunes

2. It will ask you to set a password for vID file. Go ahead and set a password and tap OK.

Get the vID file using iTunes

After creating the vID file, 
 connect the iOS Device to a desktop and you can access the exported vID file through your iTunes app on your desktop. The steps are listed below.

1. Connect your iOS Device to your desktop using a cable

2. Launch iTunes on the desktop

3. Access your iOS device in iTunes
Go to File Sharing option in iTunes. You will find the SplashID app listed through which you can access SplashID vID file.

4. Select the file by clicking on it and click on Save, which is at the bottom of the screen.
Refer to the attached image for more details.

Create new SplashID account

Please create a new account with different email and inform support. Support will give a temporary license to the new account.

After the new account is set up import the vID file to your new account.

If all the records are fine, we can help you delete your current account and you can set up a fresh account with your preferred email address.


The Export vID to iTunes works in Airplane mode also.

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