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SplashID Safe 8.2.1 iOS app crashing on iPhone Xs/Xs Max

Last Updated: Jan 30, 2019 10:06AM PST
PROBLEM: I have upgraded from an older iPhone model/generation to the new iPhone Xs or Xs Max phone. Trying to run SplashID Safe iOS app on the new phone does not work, with the iOS app crashing to iPhone Home screen (list of apps). Why does this happen and how to solve this, please?

ANSWER: Usually, this happens if you used iTunes PC/Mac to backup your older iPhone - such as iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 8/etc - then restored this iTunes backup to your new iPhone Xs or Xs Max.
When you do this, our iOS app may crash. We are investigating why this happens currently and apologize for the inconvenience caused. 

SOLUTION: First, please try to quit all apps including ours, then wait and restart your iPhone Xs/Xs Max and see if that helps per steps here:
As a 2nd way to fix, please update your iOS app to latest version - 8.2.2, released Oct 11th 2018. Then the app should work fine and not crash any more. Release Notes of our 8.2.2 iOS app are HERE.

If this does not help, and you use Cloud Sync and Web app has your full/recent data, please delete app from your iPhone, reload app from App Store, relogin and then data should sync from Web to new iPhone app, and iPhone app should then work fine.
If you are not using Cloud Sync and use WiFi Sync instead, and sync the phone app to our PC/Mac Desktop app and Desktop app has full/recent or reasonably full/recent data, please backup Desktop app data by exporting to vID file/folder, just in case. Then delete app from phone, reload app to phone from App Store, relogin, then do a "Desktop overwrites device" sync for one sync ("Mac Overwrites Mobile Device" on Mac) to get data back from Desktop app to phone app.

NOTE: IF you have issues with enabling Face ID on your iPhone X/Xs/Xs Max with iOS 12 on it, please also see this article: http://support.splashdata.com/customer/portal/articles/2955941-splashid-safe-8-2-1-ios-app---face-id-issues

If you have questions not covered above, or the above cannot work for any reason such as using WiFi Sync without our Desktop app, or your Desktop app data being too old, please do not do any of the above and contact us HERE so we can help you, or email us to one of the email addresses listed HERE

Article created: September 2018
Last update: September 23rd 2018.

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