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SplashID Safe - How to check for Local only records

Last Updated: Dec 23, 2018 05:39AM PST
PROBLEM: I am using WiFi Sync or Cloud Sync, and even after repeated syncs the number of SplashID records in my Desktop/mobile apps does not match (and/or those in Web app in case of using Cloud Sync), with some records missing from some of the apps while being present in others.

SOLUTION: When everything is working fine with WiFi Sync/Cloud Sync, your number of records in all SplashID Safe Desktop/mobile apps used (and Web app too in case of using Cloud Sync) should always match.
When the number of SplashID records mismatches in your apps, this means an out-of-sync condition.
Often such issues are caused by inadvertently setting 1 or more of your SplashID records Local only. Local only records do not sync and stay local to the Desktop/mobile app you set them Local in, please note this is by design and expected.

To check, please login to all your Desktop/mobile apps used, then filter them to All Types. (Note: There is no need to check Web app in case Cloud Sync is used, as our Web app lacks the Local only feature)
Then from Categories filter please choose Local only, with Search box empty (cleared).
IF nothing shows when you do this, this means none of your SplashID records are set Local only.
If 1 or more records appear, these are Local only and to make then sync to other side (Desktop/mobile app) and/or to Web app (in case Cloud Sync is used) you must edit the records one by one and unset the Local only attribute.

NOTE: If you made some of your records Local only on purpose, such as want them only in your phone app, or only in Desktop app you can of course keep them set that way.

If the above does not help with your out-of-sync issues or helps only partially or you have any other questions, please contact our tech support HERE or email us to one of our contact email addresses HERE and we will assist you as soon as possible.

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