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SplashID Safe 8.x mobile apps - Backup/Restore options

Last Updated: Jul 12, 2019 05:01AM PDT
--- SplashID Safe 8.1.x mobile apps' backups ---
SplashID Safe mobile apps and our PC/Mac Desktop apps have several means to automatically and/or manually backup your SplashID Safe data, depending on exact app versions used, platform and sync mode used (one of No Sync/WiFi Sync/Cloud Sync). Please see below how to backup/restore iOS & Android mobile apps' data.
The information below applies to our latest 8.2.x SplashID Safe mobile app versions and was last updated in June 2018.

1) iOS app:
Our iOS app keeps no local automatic backups and has no local manual backup functions due to iOS system restrictions of any file access for our app.
However, it has multiple means to backup/restore your data manually to other (remote or local) locations, such as to your Dropbox, send via email/iTunes/etc.
To reach these, please tap the menu button in TOP left (Three lines icon), then tap Settings and scroll down.
These include the following (bottom 3 means to backup are recommended in most cases - the top 2 means are mostly for sharing your data with others):
* Send Records (via email)
* Share Securely
* Dropbox Export/Import - in vID or CSV format. When you first use this, our app will ask for access to your Dropbox account - you need to confirm/allow this for our app to be able to use your Dropbox to Export/Import data.
* Export SplashID vID to iTunes. (added in version 8.1.6 in Aug 2017). To then access these backups, connect your iOS device to iTunes on your PC/Mac via WiFi or USB cable then use the iTunes menus to navigate to your iPhone/iPad Summary screen. On the left in the navigation pane, below Summary you will see other choices such as Music/Movies/etc and File Sharing further down. Click File Sharing, and you will see a list of apps - please scroll down to reach SplashID. Click that and you will see your iOS app iTunes backups, if any. You can then drag these to a folder on your PC/Mac computer to use in Desktop app or Web app/etc.
* iTunes PC/Mac backup of your whole iOS mobile device (iPhone/iPod touch/iPad).

2) Android app:
Our Android app has no local automatic backups functions, but has more means to backup/restore data than our iOS app including backups to the local Android file system as the iOS restrictions do not apply to Android OS.
To reach these, please tap the menu button in TOP left (Three lines+SplashID logo), then tap Settings and then tap Manage or Share.
These include the following:
-- In Manage section:
* Backup & Restore, these work in a pair and will backup data to your local Mass Storage area or SD card.
* Export/Import vID - you can choose between Mass Storage Area, Dropbox or email export.
* Export CSV.
-- In Share section:
* Share Securely. This allows you to share all or some of your data with another person.

The usually recommended & best ways to restore iOS/Android mobile app data in case it is lost, missing or corrupted are the following:
* If using WiFi Sync, sync data back from your PC/Mac Desktop app with Desktop app Sync Settings set to "Desktop overwrites device" for one sync (on PC) or "Mac Overwrites Mobile Device" (on Mac).
(BACKUP your current Desktop app data first, just in case. Please also ensure Desktop & mobile apps are latest versions - as of July 2019 this would be 8.2.0 for Mac Desktop and iOS & Android apps and 8.1.1 for PC Desktop app).
* If using Cloud Sync, if Web app has full/recent data please delete app from your mobile device, reload app from App Store/Play Store, relogin.
* If using No Sync and using an iOS device, then the recommended way to restore data is from a recent iTunes backup of your whole iOS device, if you have one. If you use No Sync with an Android device, then if you backed up your data via one of the ways above, you can recover via that backup.

If you need info on our SplashID Safe PC/Mac Desktop app Backup/Restore options, you will find it HERE.

If you need help with issues with your SplashID Safe apps that are not covered above, please contact our tech support team HERE or via one of the email addresses listed HERE and we will be happy to assist.

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