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SplashID Safe 8.x - Offline mode

Last Updated: Jun 17, 2019 01:32AM PDT

QUESTION: I am seeing an Offline mode setting in my SplashID Safe Desktop/mobile app (latest 8.x version). What does this Offline mode setting do, please?

ANSWER: In version 8.x of SplashID Safe Desktop/mobile apps there is an Offline mode option for users who use WiFi Sync or No Sync. (Please note Offline mode does not work for Cloud Sync use, as in Cloud Sync mode every operation needs full access to our Cloud servers)
Our WiFi Sync and No Sync modes do not store your passwords in the cloud - only your account details are stored. However, on each run/login, our Desktop/mobile apps check our servers for license validity, account password changes and similar account level changes to get the cross application syncing working seamlessly.
This is valid even for apps using the WiFi sync and No Sync options.

With the introduction of the Offline mode in 8.x, SplashID apps can be forced to remain completely offline as long as the license is valid. This will ensure that the apps do not talk to the SplashID Safe Cloud servers while being offline.

For new accounts, the requirement to remain completely offline can be achieved by the following steps:
1. Setup a SplashID Safe account and purchase a Pro license
2. Sign into the SplashID Safe Desktop/mobile app (version 8.1 and above)
3. Select the WiFi Sync option (or No Sync option)
4. Check for license in respective Desktop/mobile app
5. If license is valid, select (enable) the Offline mode option in the Settings --> Sync Settings for Mac Desktop app/Account Settings for PC Desktop app, or from Settings for mobile app


For existing WiFi and No Sync users, just steps 4 and 5 need to be followed.
If the license expires in the future, you will have to temporarily disable the Offline option in the SplashID Safe app to get the license refreshed, and then go back to Offline mode, if you wish.

Please note even with Offline mode on if you try any actions that require access to our servers, such access will be made and you will be warned about it.
Such as one of the following:
* Change of Sync mode.
* Change of master password.
* Change of your account's email ID.
* Trying to purchase a license while in unlicensed mode/etc.

If you have any questions about the above, OR there is something extra you want to ask us not covered here, you can contact our tech support and we will be happy to assist you - you can do so via filling in the form HERE or via emailing us to one of our contact emails HERE

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