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SplashID Safe 8.1.1 PC Desktop app - Windows 10 BSOD issues

Last Updated: Jun 07, 2018 01:36AM PDT
PROBLEM: Using latest SplashID Safe 8.1.1 PC Desktop app on Windows 10, with Microsoft OneDrive usually running and logged in. Trying to run the PC Desktop app often or every time causes a catastrophic Windows system crash (BSOD = Blue Screen of Death) to happen, thus I cannot use the PC Desktop app. What can be done about this issue, please?

INFORMATION on this BSOD issue: Please note this is a known issue with changes Microsoft did to their Windows 10 OS in the fall of 2017, along with changes done in Microsoft OneDrive at the same time. The version of Windows 10 OS to incorporate these changes is Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (Autumn Creators Update for UK customers), version 1709. Our SplashID Safe PC Desktop app is not the only one affected, please note many other apps from various vendors are too.
Microsoft has acknowledged this BSOD issue and has already fixed it internally in their Windows 10 Insider Preview builds from February/March 2018. So, this fix will highly likely be present in the upcoming new RTM/Release version of Windows 10, code-name Spring Creators Update (exact name not yet known).
This was slated to release on 10th of April 2018 (last week as of today), but unfortunately due to a major crashing bug the new Windows 10 OS version has, Microsoft has delayed its official public release.

For now, several workarounds exist that may help with this issue - these involve changing some Microsoft OneDrive Settings and/or changing SplashID Safe PC Desktop app Database location too.

Please note the 2 changes that usually solve the BSOD issue completely are the following:
1) In the main (Settings) tab of MS OneDrive Settings, please disable the "Save space and download files as you use them" setting under Files-On-Demand section if it is enabled. 
Note: You must have sufficient disk space on the disk drive your OneDrive folder is located on for the change to work.
2) Also, in the Auto Save tab of MS OneDrive Settings, for Documents make sure it is set to "This PC only" - change it to that if set to "OneDrive". Note: On certain PCs/configurations this change may need to be done on in separate screen/window (after clicking "Update Folders" button if one shows - after you click Update Folders, please then click Stop protecting under Documents on next screen).

If you need more info, please ask us by submitting a support case HERE making sure to mention Windows 10 OS, your exact OS version+build number and that you get a BSOD using our SplashID Safe PC Desktop app, then we can assist you.

Article created: April 2018.
Article last updated: June 7th 2018.

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