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PROBLEM: My SplashID Safe Types, field names and/or Categories are corrupted, but actual data (record contents) is still fine. I am using Cloud Sync. What can I do to fix the corrupted Types/Categories?

(please note this solution only works for Cloud Sync but not WiFi Sync or No Sync)

STEP 1: Please first export all current data in Mac/PC Desktop app to vID file/folder - on Mac you will find the Export menus in File menu, which is in menu bar at very TOP of your Mac display. On Windows PC, the main/Application menu is in TOP left. This is a backup for safety, just in case. Copy that someplace safe.
Then on your computer, please sign into SplashID Safe Web application in your default web browser - https://www.splashid.com/login
(any of Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera or any other browser should work)

STEP 2: Please click on this Reset types and categories link - https://www.splashid.com/personal/webclient/reset-types-categories.php
Nothing will apparently happen or show, but "behind the scenes" this will do the necessary to reset your Types and Categories.
This will then take you to the main records page after resetting your Types and Categories to the SplashID Safe defaults.
If clicking takes you to a different browser on your system, then copy this link and paste it into the web browser that you are signed into SplashID Safe Web application with.

STEP 3: Please verify if the Types and Categories are reset by going to the ‘Edit Types’ and ‘Edit Categories’ links in your Web application.

STEP 4: Sync with your devices and check if the Types and Categories are now reset to their defaults in all of the SplashID Safe apps (all Desktop/mobile apps you use).

NOTE: This will not affect any user defined Types and Categories of yours.
There are 2 default categories and 17 default types that are provided by SplashID. These will get reset to the originals.
Default SplashID Categories - Business, Personal
Default SplashID Types - Addresses, Bank Accounts, Clothes Size, Combinations, Credit Cards, Email Accounts, Files, Frequent Flyer, Identification, Insurance, Memberships, Phone Numbers, Prescriptions, Serial Numbers, Servers, Vehicles, Web Logins

NOTE #2: If any corrupted Types/field names, and/or Categories remain after doing the above, and/or you have any issues with or after doing the above, please contact us HERE and we can help.

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