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SplashData iOS apps -- iOS 11 64-bit status

Last Updated: Aug 15, 2019 09:49AM PDT
Please note most of our iOS (iPhone/iPod touch/iPad) apps are currently compatible with iOS 11 and iOS 12 already, but some are not yet, as of August 2019.

More info: Apple has released iOS 11 in the fall of 2017 (more exactly Sept 19th-20th 2017) and this major new iOS version drops support for older 32-bit iOS apps, such as our SplashMoney iOS, SplashNotes iOS app, and also the older SplashID Safe 6.2.x apps with brown/yellow icon.
The new iOS 11 now requires all apps you use to be 64-bit apps. This means if you use those 2 apps of ours (or the older SplashID Safe app version), you must not upgrade your device's current iOS (usually, iOS 10.x) to iOS 11, as if you do so, the apps will stop working. Thus if you want the app(s) to still work, you should wait and not update your iOS device from iOS 10 (or older) to iOS 11 or 12 for now.

Please note as of summer of 2019 SplashMoney iOS app is dead - we will not update it for iOS 11/12 compatibility. There are also no plans to update SplashNotes iOS app at this time.
IF you need a finance app for your iOS device, you must look for other apps, such as Mint/etc.

Other unaffected apps of ours are latest versions of: SplashID Safe, TeamsID, Gpass iOS apps. All of these are already fully iOS 11/12 64-bit compatible so you can use them without any disruptions on all iOS versions from iOS 8.0 up to (and including) latest iOS 11, released by Apple in the middle of September 2017 and iOS 12 released in September 2018.

NOTE: If you still use our older SplashID Safe 6.2.4 iPad app or 6.2.3 iPhone app for any reason - older apps with brown/yellow icon - latest 8.1.6 app uses a white/blue icon - please note these older apps are too old and not supported by iOS 11. Our 7.2.5 iOS app (newer than 6.2.x version, but older than current 8.1.6) may similarly not work.
So, you must make sure to sync your data from those to our PC/Mac Desktop apps first (or to our Cloud, in case of using 7.2.5 iOS app with Cloud Sync), then only update your iPhone or iPad to latest iOS 11.

Extra FAQ (updated August 2019):
1) QUESTION: I upgraded my iOS device to iOS 11 or 12, so my iOS app does not run. Can I go back to iOS 10.x or older?
ANSWER: As with any iOS update, unfortunately there is no way to downgrade your iOS after it has been upgraded.

2) QUESTION: I need to use the app now, is there any workaround to use my app and access my data?
ANSWER: A workaround exists, like this - if you use our iPad app, you can use a 2nd iPad still with iOS 10.x or older on it. If you use iPhone app, you can use a 2nd iPhone or iPod touch for this - again, it needs to have iOS 10.x or older. 
To do this - please backup the new iOS device with iOS 11 on it and non-working app to iTunes on your PC/Mac. Backup that 2nd device likewise just in case. Now please restore the NEW iOS device iTunes backup to the 2nd iOS device still with older iOS version on it. And you can then use the iOS app, so you can access/edit your data and/or sync it to our Desktop app(s)/etc.
NOTE: As of iOS 11.1 and newer, Apple has blocked this way to restore iTunes backups to 2nd device, so this workaround will likely not work any more as of 2018 and 2019.

3) (February 2018) QUESTION: What is the current status of SplashShopper iOS app fix?
ANSWER: SplashShopper iOS app has been now fixed for iOS 11/12 and released to App Store, as of Feb 2018. Date of release: Feb 6th 2018 (Tuesday). Please note iOS 5.x and 6.x, as well as iOS 7.0.x are not supported any more. The lowest version the new iOS app can run on is iOS 7.1 and it will run on all newer iOS versions including latest iOS 12.x versions.

4) (August 2019) QUESTION: What is the current status of SplashMoney iOS app fix?
ANSWER: As per above, the SplashMoney iOS app is dead and will not be fixed for iOS 11 and 12 or developed any more.

IF you have any extra questions regarding the above an/or need more help with any of our iOS/Desktop apps, please kindly contact our tech support HERE

Article created: October 2017.
Article last updated: August 2019.

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