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SplashID Safe -- September 2017 update eNews

Last Updated: Sep 10, 2017 03:55AM PDT
QUESTION: In the beginning of September 2017 I have received a SplashData eNews email with subject: ""New Versions of SplashID for iOS and Android - Please Update Before September 10". Is this a valid email coming from SplashData?

ANSWER: Yes, this is a valid email from us and not any scam or phishing attempt. Our SplashID Safe mobile apps - iOS & Android - needed some updating for our new SSL digital security certificate due to be updated on that date (September 10th 2017).  Thus you must update your mobile apps for them to keep working - older 8.1.x versions of our apps will stop working. 

FAQ (Frequently asked additional questions):

1) How do I know if I have latest iOS/Android app versions already, or not? What versions are currently latest?
ANSWER: You can see the currently latest versions here:
What are the current versions of SplashID and what are the system requirements?
To check what versions of the apps you use, please see here:
How to check SplashID Safe app version

2) My apps are old versions - 6.2.x or 7.x, what should I do to update?
ANSWER: Updating/upgrading from such older versions may need special steps to preserve your data, so please do not attempt to update and ask us for help here:
Email Us -- Contact Support

3) My iOS and/or Android app is not latest version, it is 8.1.5 or older (iOS app)/8.1.2 or older (Android app). How do I update to latest versions of the apps?
ANSWER: Please make sure to first backup your current data, just in case. Then to update your apps to our latest 8.1.6 (iOS)/8.1.3 (Android) versions, please see here:
* For iOS app --> How Do I Update the iOS Apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch?
* For Android app --> Update your Android apps
NOTE: To set up automatic app update on your iOS device(s), if you have not already done so, please see here: Turn on Automatic Downloads for iTunes Store, App Store, and iBooks Store purchases

4) What should I be doing with my PC/Mac Desktop apps?
ANSWER: Please note the only apps that need updating are your iOS/Android apps. Our PC/Mac Desktop apps are not affected. So, you can keep using the same Desktop app version(s) you use currently.

5) I am using the mobile app on a mobile device running other than iOS/Android OS, such as a Blackberry OS 10 device or an Amazon Kindle. Will I be affected?
ANSWER: No, please note our older apps, including 8.0.x BB OS 10 app and 7.2 Amazon Kindle app are not affected, so you can keep using them without any issues. On older iOS devices still running iOS 7.x, you can keep using our older iOS app, latest to support iOS 7.x - 8.1.2 - also without any issues.

NOTE: IF you have any extra questions or issues not covered above, please contact tech support and we can help you. You can do that via the Email Us -- Contact Support link above.

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