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How to change SplashID Safe account password

Last Updated: Dec 22, 2016 07:04AM PST
How to change your SplashID Safe master password

Please note all your SplashID Safe 8.1.x apps - Desktop and/or mobile - share the same password at all times. To change the password, you can use any of these Desktop/mobile apps, and you change the password in ONLY one of your SplashID Safe apps - you do not need to change it in each app. 
On next quit/relogin, or lock/unlock for mobile apps, the changed password will sync (propagate) to all the other apps used (and to Web app too, if you use Cloud Sync). On the other apps, you will get prompts to enter OLD, then NEW password.
Please note this is true even if you use WiFi Sync and not Cloud Sync.

Just in case, before changing your master password, make sure all your SplashID Safe apps are fully synced, and backup all your Desktop/mobile apps data.

NOTE #1: Changing your master password via Web app is not recommended.
NOTE #2: You can use a pattern password or text password, but not both.

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