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How to reset the SplashMoney Desktop app data on Windows

Last Updated: May 21, 2015 06:49AM PDT
Here are instructions for resetting the data in the SplashMoney Desktop for Windows:
1. Please make a note of your SplashMoney Desktop app reg. code/serial (from About screen). 
Then exit SplashMoney PC Desktop app, if running.

2. Open Windows Explorer (or File Explorer for Windows 8 and higher) and browse to this folder: \Documents\SplashData\

3. Rename folder SplashMoney\ there to SplashMoney.old. That will hide it from the SplashMoney Desktop, but not erase the data in case we need to get it back somehow.

4. Then delete the SplashMoney Desktop app entries from your Registry. To do this:
- Go to your Start Menu and choose Run... (for Windows 7 or older) or invoke the Start screen (for Windows 8 and newer) or press Winkey+R (on any Windows version)
- Type in “regedit” (w/o the quotes, press Enter, confirm any UAC prompts)
- Go into the directory HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/SplashData/
- Delete the folder in that directory called SplashMoney Desktop
- Exit the Registry Editor.

5. Then launch the SplashMoney Desktop again, enter your registration code, and go through the guided setup again.

6. If you have good data on your mobile app, just start a WiFi sync from there to transfer the data to the SplashMoney Desktop.

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