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Note: Any mention of Touch ID on Touch ID iOS devices uses and means that - any mention of Touch ID on iOS devices with Face ID uses and means that.
SplashID 8 iPhone/iPad app Touch ID is enabled in:

SplashID > Menu > Settings > Touch ID
(please note iPod touch lacks Touch ID and Face ID options, so these cannot be used on it)

Please note that you must already have Touch ID enabled on your iOS device, with at least one fingerprint stored. This is set up in your device's System Settings > Touch ID & Passcode. Please also note using Touch ID requires a valid purchased SplashID 8.x/Pro license.

Touch ID login will be requested when you launch the SplashID iOS app after the timeout period has been reached. The default is 1 minute, but you can adjust this in SplashID Safe iOS app Settings.

There are 2 options for Touch ID:​
1. Store SplashID password in iOS Keychain - with this option you can use Touch ID log into SplashID Safe mobile app anytime, even after force quit. This access is enabled by storing your SplashID password securely in the iOS Keychain. This item in iOS Keychain is not synced to other devices or backed up to iTunes or iCloud.

2. Do not store SplashID password in iOS Keychain - with this option Touch ID is enabled with SplashID Safe mobile app, but if you force quit the app or restart your mobile device, you will be required to log into SplashID Safe using your SplashID password.
PROBLEM: My Touch ID is not working correctly or at all, what can I do to fix this?

SOLUTION: As per above, please make sure your SplashID Safe account/app is fully licensed, as Touch ID login/unlock is a paid Pro feature. If this is fine, please try this also:
If you are using option 2 (above), please try option 1 (namely 'Store SplashID password in iOS Keychain').
If you already use option 1, please temporarily change to 2 then back to 1, sometimes that helps.

If this does not help, you can also try changing Timeout settings of our app. Best 3 options are – Lock on exit, 1 minute, 2 minutes. For some, 1 or 2 minutes works best.

NOTE: For Face ID login/unlock, if using iOS 12 please note you must first enable Face ID for our app in your global iOS System Preferences, and only then try to enable for our iOS app too.

If you have any questions about the above, or have questions that are not covered here, and/or need to contact us for any other reason, you can do so via our Submit Support case web-form HERE or via emailing us to one of our contact email addresses listed HERE.

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