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Please follow the below steps if your SplashID Safe Mac Desktop app is not working for any reason, such as is it crashes, won't take your password, uses the wrong email ID/etc.
NOTE: As of middle of October 2019, our latest 8.2.3 Mac Desktop app has major crashing issues, plus has been blocked from running by Apple, saying it will damage your Mac computer. No such damage can or will happen, but for now we recommend using the older 8.2.0 Mac Desktop app version due to this.
While using WiFi Sync mode, if your records look fine & full/complete on the iPhone/iPad, here are instructions to completely uninstall/reinstall SplashID Safe Desktop app on your Mac (don't worry about all the steps, it's straightforward):

1) First please send yourself a vID file of your data from your iPhone/iPad - open SplashID Safe iPhone/iPad app, then open Settings, scroll down until you reach Share section, then under that please tap Send Records, Select All, Send, Email as vID and email them to your own email address.

Then save this vID file in a safe location - this is a backup just for security.
If you have iTunes, also do an iTunes sync & backup to iTunes on PC/Mac, this creates an extra backup.
If you use Dropbox, you can backup to that too as an extra backup (version 7.1.3 or higher only)
Additionally, you can use
 Export SplashID vID to iTunes function, which will export a copy of your mobile app data for easy access via iTunes PC/Mac app -- please note this is different from an iTunes Backup of your whole iOS device. (version 8.1.6 or higher only)

2) Quit SplashID Safe Desktop Mac app, if running.

3) Please uninstall SplashID Safe Desktop Mac app from your Mac by dragging it from Applications folder to the Trash. And remove any SplashID icons from your Mac OS Dock.

4) Rename the folder ~/Library/Containers/com.splashdata.splashidmac to ~/Library/Containers/com.splashdata.splashidmac.OLD
Please note this Library folder is a special hidden folder on newer macOS versions.
So, to reach it special steps are required - to do this:
- Switch to the Mac OS Finder (click Finder icon in your Dock, or use Command key+Tab to switch to it, or click with the mouse outside the active window area)
- Hold down alt/option key Alt/Option Key -- Mac on your keyboard (on older Macs - ), then click the Go menu in the menu bar with the mouse, select the Library folder. Or, alternatively do it the other way round - click the Go menu in the menu bar with the mouse, now press and hold the Alt/option key on your keyboard so the Library choice appears, and click that with the mouse.
(the menu bar is located at very TOP of your Mac display above any current app window, or above your desktop if all windows are minimized)
If you do this correctly, the Library choice should show among the other menus - please see screenshot (where Library is between Home and Computer menus)

- Then double click on Containers folder to open it.
(OR as an alternative, click Go menu, then click Go to Folder... or invoke the same menu via Shift++G – a small window will show, enter ~/Library/Containers/ into the box, press Enter or click Go button with the mouse.
- Containers folder will open, now scroll down if necessary and click on com.splashdata.splashidmac folder
- Click on it again and the word 'com.splashdata.splashidmac' will be highlighted in light blue.
- Overtype with/rename to 'com.splashdata.splashidmac.old', press Return key to confirm. If for any reason this does not work, instead please right-click (or Ctrl+click) the folder, then choose Rename from the menu

- If you see a folder named com.splashdata.splashidsafe in Containers folder, rename it the same way. If you also see folders called SplashID or SplashID Safe in the /Library/ folder, rename those the same way to "SplashID.old" and "SplashID Safe.old" respectively)

5) Then please delete any Preferences file(s):
and any other files you find in the Preferences folder with the word "splashid" in their file names.

6) Re-install the older SplashID 8.2.0 Mac Desktop version from here:
7) Run the Mac Desktop app again. At this point you should see the program run in set up mode; please follow the setup steps to login to your SplashID account.
Note: IF you use latest macOS Catalina released in Oct 2019, you may get a prompt the app was blocked due to it not being able to be checked for malicious software. If so, please use fix steps here:
SplashID Mac Key Safe/Desktop app - bypass macOS Gatekeeper

8) Set the Mac desktop app sync settings to "Mobile Device Overwrites Mac" for just this next sync
- via Settings --> Sync Settings for 8.x Mac Desktop app.

9) Please sync, and the data from iPhone/iPad will be re-synced back to desktop. And the Mac Desktop app should then work fine. You can now re-attach SplashID Mac app to your Mac OS Dock, if you wish.
You may then need to change the Mac Desktop app Sync direction settings back to "Synchronize".

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