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How to check SplashID Safe app version

Last Updated: Apr 24, 2019 04:08AM PDT

The latest versions and full release notes are available here.
A shorter list of current latest versions for all platforms + their system requirements is here.

Here is how to check your SplashID Safe mobile/PC/Mac Desktop/Web app versions:
(please scroll down to see the steps for PC/Mac Desktop/Web apps)

Checking the version number of SplashID Android app

Please open the SplashID app on your Android device, then invoke the menu (by tapping the Android device Menu button) or by tapping the menu icon (three lines icon) in top left. Then tap Settings, then scroll down and tap About SplashID Safe, and the About screen with the version number will appear.

How to check the version of SplashID iOS app on your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

Once you login to SplashID Safe iOS app, please tap the menu icon in top left (three lines icon) to open the menu, then tap Settings, then scroll down if necessary, and choose About SplashID.
Or, for 7.x and older apps - open SplashID and login, then tap Settings (Tools on older version), scroll down if needed, and choose About SplashID.

How to check the version number of SplashID Desktop (or SplashID Key Safe)

On a Windows PC:
* If you have SplashID Desktop 5.x or lower, click the Help menu then click About SplashID Desktop.
* If you have SplashID Desktop 6.x/Safe or higher, click the SplashID icon in top left, then click About.
* Note: To check PC Desktop app version from outside the Desktop app, without running it - 
Using Windows (File) Explorer please navigate to folder C:\Program Files (x86)\SplashData\SplashID Safe\ on your Windows PC. (C:\Program Files\ on 32-bit Windows OS)
Now right-click the SplashID Safe.exe Application file located there, then choose Properties from the popup menu. Then click the Details tab to see the exact version number under File version and/or Product version.

On Mac:
* Open SplashID Desktop, then click SplashID Safe menu next to the Apple logo (at the very top), then click About SplashID Safe. 
* OR, to check it from Mac OS Finder, use the Get Info function over the SplashID Safe app icon in Applications folder. Namely, right click or Ctrl+click the app icon, then choose Get Info from the popup menu.

How to check Web app version:
* Web app is located at URL: https://www.splashid.com/login
Login to Web app on your PC/Mac/Linux/etc computer, then you will see the version number in the lower left corner of your web browser window.

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