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How do you Cloud Sync SplashID Safe?

Last Updated: Oct 18, 2019 12:54AM PDT

In SplashID Safe 7.2.x/8.x apps, you can choose to use Cloud Sync.

Cloud Sync is automatic - it happens when:
- you log into the SplashID Safe app
- you edit and save a record
- you add a new record
- you delete a record
- you make a change to a Type or Category
- you import a file into the SplashID Safe Desktop app

To force a sync, you can:
- click the Sync button in the lower left on Mac or Windows Desktop apps
- click the Sync button in the upper right on Android
- pull down on the record list on iOS/Android apps (pull to refresh, like Mail)

NOTE: To use SplashID Safe in Cloud Sync mode, you must be using latest SplashID Safe 8.x apps, as our older 6.2.x apps do not support it. 7.x Mac Desktop app may work, but is not recommended.

NOTE #2: As of May 2018, on Windows PC we do not recommend using 7.2.4 PC Desktop app as it has known issues with Cloud Sync - please make sure to use latest 8.1.1 PC Desktop app if using our Desktop app on Windows PC.

If you have any issues with Cloud Sync or any other questions, please contact our tech support HERE or email us to one of our contact email addresses HERE and we will assist you as soon as possible.

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